seriously first-division musicians. Sounds French, Spanish, Italian, African, free jazz and good old-fashioned Frippertronics. An album full of excitement
Living Tradition magazine
a fine blend of FrenchUK influenced folk-jazz played at a high level...the musicians control every second of the album
Carlos Beceiro: bouzouki, Portuguese guitar, bass guitar
Gigi Biolcati: drums, thumb piano, voice
Patrick Bouffard: vielle à roue
Luke Daniels: diatonic button accordion
Paul James: bagpipes, saxophones, whistle
Victor Nicholls: bass guitar, electric guitar, electronics, tuba
Tracks 2, 10: Laura Jurd - flugelhorn (and solo on 10) Claire Colbran - trombone
Martha Russell - baritone saxophone.
Track 11: Josh Carpenter - cymbals, percussion
Track 6: Harry Nicholls - trumpet
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France, Italy, Spain and England
Arrangements by Evening Star
Produced by Paul James
Evening Star was conceived by Paul James and made possible with financial support from
Anvil Arts

Thanks to Chrissie Bradwell.
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