Collect six of the most original musicians from France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom and make them play traditional dance music influenced by the spirit of free improvisation, pop and 21st century sound and you get Evening Star.
Evening Star is a band formed by Blowzabella’s Paul James with accordion virtuoso, Luke Daniels, French hurdy gurdy guru, Patrick Bouffard, Carlos Beceiro (multi-instrumentalist from Spain’s La Musgana), Italian drum and percussion maestro Gigi Biolcati, and electronic bass guitarist and improviser Victor Nicholls.


Two members of Evening Star are teaching at Halsway Manor in the UK over Easter 2018. Paul James and Gigi Biolcati will be teaching, open to musicians of all ages, including 16-18 year olds. For more information, click the Halsway logo below

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seriously first-division musicians. Sounds French, Spanish, Italian, African, free jazz and good old-fashioned Frippertronics.
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